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Fundraising started in Vall d’Hebron Institut of Research in 2014 with the “Amics Vall d’Hebron” Program, consisting in getting regular donors to support research with a regular contribution. Our face to face campaign is still today the main source to get regular donors contributing mainly to sponsor predoc research grants, called “Amics Vall d’Hebron Grant”. Fundraising Campaigns are also developed to gain awareness and non regular donations.

In 2022 the Fundraising Unit got an income of more than 2 million euros, and the number of regular donors reached 6,789 members, which represents an increase of 1,200 donors over 2021. Moreover, the punctual donors were 2,586.

Income from regular donors has increased in recent years so that in 2021 it exceeded for the first time one million euros and in 2022 stood at 1,262,450 euros.

During the covid pandemic, especially the first waves, in 2020, the institution reached the highest number of punctual donors it has ever had, 2,749 people. In 2021 that figure dropped, but in 2022 we have recovered (2,586 punctual donors) and we are approaching the figures of 2020.

Fundraising campaigns

One of the most consolidated fundraising campaigns is “Mocador Solidari”, a public campaign to support women cancer’s research thanks to the benefit of selling scarfs designed by a well known artist and a brand ambassador. The raised funds finance 2 grants open to women cancer related research groups. This consolidated initiative has been a success for 7 years and 5 editions (each edition is a different design).

The “Mocador Solidari” allows to link directly research to general public, being the two grant holder researchers in all the campaign materials and using their experience as direct beneficiaries of the campaign.

The scope of the Fundraising Unit is very broad and includes different types of initiatives. Below we explain them.

Digital fundraising campaigns

The Digital fundraising campaigns have been implemented since 2020. Social media campaigns allow us to get direct donations as well as leads that afterwards we can convert into donors.


Since 2021 we stablished non-stop telemarketing campaigns on a regular basis with two objectives: to boost results got from digital lead campaigns as well as to grow the current database. The call center in charge of making the calls is an outsourced service, supervised by the VHIR fundraising unit.

Fundraising Events

Peer to peer and direct management of fundraising events promoted by families and patients who want to contribute to research and extend their initiative to their friends and families. Main events to benefit the VHIR consist in sports events, charity dinners, concerts, exhibitions and selling products (calendars, books, lottery tickets, handmade crafts…)

Events are managed directly or via peer to peer website: launched at the end of 2022.

Major Donors & Corporate Partnerships

We work together with companies, Foundations and organizations who support research via donations. We prospect, cultivate and accompany those existing relationships with a loyalty program.

Gifts in wills

Some people choose to leave a gift in their will to charity, particularly if they have a personal connection to the cause. We promote and manage this kind of gift trough (the main public campaign to promote this form of giving).

Loyalty Plan

The fundraising team organize laboratory visits for major donors, regular donors and people interested in leaving a legacy. We also communicate regularly with all the donors who declared want to receive information about us: a loyalty card is sent 3 months after a regular donor has made its commitment, we create a special Christmas card for them. On the other hand, we maintain personal contact with all event promoters.

VHIR Annual Report 2022