Our are interested in dissecting new cellular signaling pathways that control cancer cell proliferation and differentiation. We collaborate with academics and Biopharma Companies to perform preclinical development of new anticancer drugs. Specifically, we study the role of the new MAP kinase ERK5 in cancer proliferation and survival. We also study the modulation of autophagy and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress as new strategies to tackle cancer, to improve chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments. We actively collaborate with Ability Pharmaceuticals SL in the preclinical/clinical development of the new antitumor drug ABTL0812, which it is Clinical Trial Phase II to treat cancer patients with advanced endometrial and squamous NSCLC cancers (NCT02201823). We uncovered the mechanism involved in the antitumor action of ABTL0812: by modulating the Akt/mTORC1 axis and ER stress, this molecule induces cancer cell death by activating cytotoxic autophagy in cancer cells.

Group Leader
Jose Miguel Lizcano De Vega

Principal Investigator (PI)
Jose Miguel Lizcano de Vega

Gohkan Gorgisen, Nora Dieguez Martinez

PhD Students
Sergio Espinosa Gil, Iodia Bolinaga Ayala, Maria Viñas Casas

Lab Technicians
Elisabet Megías Roda










Diéguez-Martínez N, Espinosa-Gil S, Yoldi G, Megías-Roda E, Bolinaga-Ayala I, Viñas-Casas M, Gorgisen G, Domingo-Ortí I, Pérez-Montoyo H, Bayascas JR, Colas E, Dolcet X, Lizcano JM
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Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. 2022. 79: 79(10):524
DOI: doi: 10.1007/s00018-022-04541-6
IF: 9.234

Bielsa N, Casasampere M, Abad JL, Enrich C, Delgado A, Fabriàs G, Lizcano JM, Casas, J
Methuosis Contributes to Jaspine-B-Induced Cell Death
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DOI: doi: 10.3390/ijms23137257
IF: 6.208

Polonio-Alcalá E, Solé-Sánchez S, Muñoz-Guardiola P, Megías-Roda E, Perez-Montoyo H, Yeste-Velasco M, Alfón J, Lizcano JM, Domènech C, Ruiz-Martínez S, Puig T
ABTL0812 enhances antitumor effect of paclitaxel and reverts chemoresistance in triple-negative breast cancer models
Cancer Commun (Lond). 2022. 42(6):567-571
DOI: doi: 10.1002/cac2.1228
IF: 15.283

Efectos inmumoduladores de ABTL0812, un compuesto antitumoral activador de autofagia en fase clínica 2. Identificación de compuestos inmunoterapéuticos antitumorales basados en la autofagia
Principal Investigator: Jose M Lizcano
Agency: MICINN. Proyectos Líneas Estratégicas 2022. Ref. PLEC2022-009428
Funding: 451,150 €
Period: 2022-2025

New anticancer therapies based on modulation of the MAPK kinase ERK5 (ONCOTHERK5)
Principal Investigator: Jose M Lizcano
Agency: MICINN. Plan Nacional I+D+i. Programa Biomedicina (Ref PID2019-107561RB-I00).
Funding: 133,100 €
Period: 2020-2023