In 2022 our research group has continued working in bone regeneration with advanced cell therapy. We finished the first stage of our collaboration with a private entity studying 3D printed cultured stem cells in a sheep bone defect model. Our research group was conceded a FIS research grant to study a tissue engineering allograft cell product for focal cartilage lesions. In our clinical international collaboration we completed the Parity study with its publication in the prestigious JAMA Oncology. In continuation with our international osthopaedic oncology research collaboration our reasearch group has also completed started the participation in the SAFETY trial, evaluating clincial and radiological follow up of sarcoma patients. 

Group Leader
Roberto Vélez Villa

Principal Investigator (PI)
Nayana Joshi, Daniel Pacha, Joaquim Vives

Anna Server, Angela Roig, Raquel Cabrera, Sara Morini










Prophylactic Antibiotic Regimens in Tumor Surgery (PARITY) Investigators; Ghert M, Schneider P, Guyatt G, Thabane L, Vélez R, O'Shea T, Randall RL, Turcotte R, Wilson D, Wunder JS, Baptista AM, Cheng EY, Doung YC, Ferguson PC, Giglio V, Hayden J, Heels-Ansdell D, Khan SA, Sampath Kumar V, McKay P, Miller B, van de Sande M, Zumárraga JP, Bhandari M.
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IF: 33.01

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Tourniquet use in patients undergoing tumour resection and endoprosthetic reconstruction of the knee.
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DOI: doi: 10.1302/0301-620X.104B10.BJJ-2022-0286.R1.
IF: 6.558

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Preclinical Development of a Therapy for Chronic Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Rats Using Human Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: Proof of Concept and Regulatory Compliance.
Cells. 2022 Jul 8;11(14):2153.
DOI: doi: 10.3390/cells11142153.
IF: 7.666

Lopez-Navas L, Torrents S, Sánchez-Pernaute R, Vives
Compliance in Non-Clinical Development of Cell-, Gene-, and Tissue-Based Medicines: Good Practice for Better Therapies.
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IF: 7.666

Traslación de un producto alogénico de ingeniería tisular para el tratamiento de lesiones focales del cartílago articular
Principal Investigator: Joaquim Vives
Agency: ISCIII
Funding: 132,000€
Period: 2022-2025

RICORS TERAV. Technology and therapeutic developments; innovation, transfer, to health system and education
Principal Investigator: IP: JM Moraleda Co IP: Joaquim Vives
Agency: ISCIII
Funding: 338,400€
Period: 2022-2024