Our group has continued to work on our main overarching project the Migraine Adaptive Brain Program (MAB). During 2022, our research has focused on 3 main areas: preclinical, translational and clinical. – Animal Brain & Cell Adaptive Lab: we have started research projects focused on studying inflammation in the trigeminovascular system, using behavior, molecular, neurophysiology techniques- Gene-Environment Lab: we have continued to work on our epigenetic, transcriptomic and molecular research, which is focused on diagnosis and target-driven therapeutics- Sense, Rhythm & Connectivity lab: we have focused on analyzing and publishing experiments which were done in the last 3 years of research.- Clinical MAB program: we have worked on 3 large investigator-driven projects which have finished their patient inclusion.We have participated in 19 industry-driven clinical trials, including 240 patients, 559 visits and testing 8 different active drugs on adults and children.

Group Leader
Patricia Pozo Rosich

Principal Investigator (PI)
Marta Torres-Ferrus

Marta Vila-Pueyo, Edoardo Caronna, Nara Ikumi, Erika Araya

PhD Students
Alicia Alpuente, Victor J Gallardo, Angela Marti, Jordi Rovira

Lab Technicians
Laila Asskour

Nursing and Technical Staff
Eulalia Gine, Raquel Lastra, Anna de la Torre










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AhEAD: Algoritmo de predicción de Eficacia de respuesta A tratamiento preventivo en pacientes con migraña crónica: marcaDores biológicos y clínicos
Principal Investigator: Patricia Pozo-Rosich
Agency: Proyectos de investigación de Medicina Personalizada de Precisión - Instituto Salud Carlos III
Funding: 72,000€
Period: 2019-2023

BIOMIGA: a multidisciplinary approach to biomarkers in migraine                                                                                                        
Principal Investigator: Patricia Pozo-Rosich
Agency: ERANet Neuron - Instituto Investigación Carlos III
Funding: 100.000€
Period: 2019-2023