The main research lines in 2022 have been: i) cerium oxide nanoparticles as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator agents, ii) the use of gold nanoparticle protein conjugates to direct biological responses, and iii) developing ionizable lipid nanoparticles as universal vehicle for advanced drug delivery (proteins, genetic material, nanoparticles). Regarding i) we have followed works in ophthalmology and neurology, starting on cardiology, and planning for transplants, all in collaboration with vhir and HdVH departments. We have also dedicated efforts to the transfer of our collyrium patent to a Swiss commercial partner. On the second aspect, we have been preparing gold nanoparticles virus like particles to be tested soon in its capacity to safely induce strong and lasting immune memory. On the third aspect, our newest research line, we have successfully encapsulated and transfected cells in vitro continuing work on mRNA transfection for time limited CAR-T cell therapy.

Group Leader
Victor Franco Puntes

Principal Investigator (PI)
Joan Comenge

PhD Students
Lena Montana Ernst, Joana Ramis Garcia, Ramon Gonzalez Rioja










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Utilidad de las nanopartículas de óxido de cerio en enfermedades hepáticas e intestinales consecuencia de una desregulación metabólica y asistencia a la regeneración hepática.
Principal Investigator: Victor Puntes
Agency: ISCIII
Funding: 68,252 €
Period: 2022

Mesoporous silica wrapped nanoparticle composite material, preparation method thereof, and use thereof
Priority Number: US Patent App. 17/847,142, 2022
Priority Date: 6/10/2022
Applicants: Wuyi University, CH