The main research interest of our group is to understand from a multidisciplinary and translational approach key issues in renal disease. During this year we have finished the study of sex differences in renal disease susceptibility and progression and, following one of the main strategic lines of the VHIR, we have decided to focus our research on rare renal diseases. Importantly, our group have led an European survey to describe the contemporary picture of Dent’s Disease type 1 (a rare X-linked nephropathy) across Europe to highlight its unmet needs. We have also developed a gene therapy strategy, which we patented, to treat some of these rare renal inherited diseases in collaboration with NinevahTx. Overall, our main aim is to improve the health condition of people who suffer from a rare renal disease. Indeed, we have tight collaborations with RD patients’ associations (e.g., ASDENT, DDF-USA and HIPOFAM) who give support of our group and help with the promotion of our research.

Group Leader
Anna Meseguer Navarro

Principal Investigator (PI)
Gema Ariceta Iraola

Cristina Martínez, Gerard Cantero-Recasens, Mònica Duran, Glòria Fraga, Hector Rios, Victor Pérez, Mercedes López González, Alejandro Cruz

PhD Students
Julieta Torchia, Luis Castro, Miguel Aranda

Nursing and Technical Staff
Teresa Eixarch, José Ramón Jarrin, Mariona Asensio










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DOI: doi: 10.1186/s13023-022-02452-0
IF: 4.303

Identification of biomarkers and molecular processes that underlie the progression of Dent’s disease for the discovery of new therapeutic targets and in silica drug development.
Principal Investigator: Anna Meseguer
Agency: SENEFRO FOUNDATION (Spanish Society of Nephrology)
Funding: 24,000 €
Period: 2020 - 2022

Grup de Qualitat AGAUR
Principal Investigator: Anna Meseguer
Agency: Agencia de Gesti6 d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR). Generalitat de Catalunya
Funding: 40,000 €
Period: 2021-2025

Development of a gene therapy for the treatment of genetic forms of Nephrotic Syndrome (AAV-Crb2)
Principal Investigator: Anna Meseguer
Agency: Ayudas Cervera para Centres Tecnol6gicos. Ministry of Science and Innovation
Funding: 700,000 €
Period: 2020 - 2022

Biología de sistemas para el descubrimiento de mecanismos fisiopatológicos y dianas terapeuticas en la hipomagnesemia familiar primaria con hipercalciuria y nefrocalcinosis.
Principal Investigator: Gema Ariceta
Agency: Carlos Ill Health Institute. Ministry of Science and innovation
Funding: 171,820 €
Period: 2018 - 2023

Integrated multidisciplinary -omic approach to unravel Dent disease pathophysiological mechanisms and drug discovery for unmet therapeutic solutions
Principal Investigator: Anna Meseguer and Gema Ariceta
Agency: ASDENT (Asociación para la enfermedad de Dent)
Funding: 350,000 €
Period: 2018 - 2024

Nucleic acid constructs and vectors for podocyte specific expression.
Priority Number: EP22382421.0
Priority Date: 02/05/2022
Applicants: 100% VHIR

Priority Number: EP13759778.7
Priority Date: 22/05/2017
Applicants: 100% VHIR