Our group is dedicated to relevant clinical questions related to melanoma and other skin conditions. During this year we have discovered important metabolic treats associated to second-most predominant form of cutaneous malignant melanoma, that lacks a specific line of treatment. Importantly, this discovery has led to the design of novel therapeutic strategy generating a synthetic lethal condition that make these tumors sensitive to sorafenib; an FDA approved drug. In addition to this, we also have contributed to the description of novel genetic variants of proteins that mediate the immune response in melanoma that might have an impact in the antitumoral response, and the development of algorithms to calculate the risk of getting melanoma in transplanted patients.

Group Leader
Juan Angel Recio Conde, Vicente García-Patos Briones

Kimberley MacGrail, Carlos González Cruz

PhD Students
Paula Granado Martínez, Yuxin Ding, Berta Ferrer










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Oncogene-mediated intratumoral immune-cell populations at different organs as biomarkers of immunotherapy response
Principal Investigator: Juan Angel Recio Conde
Agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Funding: 341,220 €
Period: 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2023

p38alpha in control of UV-induced melanoma development
Principal Investigator: Juan Angel Recio Conde
Agency: Fundacion Ramon Areces
Funding: 129,371 €
Period: 31/01/2019 - 31/01/2022

Molecular mechanisms in melanoma
Principal Investigator: Juan Angel Recio Conde
Agency: Generalitat de Catalunya - 2021 SGR 00653
Funding: 60,000 €
Period: 31/01/2021 - 31/01/2023